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I lost my job and subsequently lost my insurance once I could no longer pay the costly cobra premium. I take several different meds for a heart condition. I signed up for this FREE card and just saved $38 on one of my scripts with no restrictions or anything. I am so grateful...thank you!!!"
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This card worked great on an appetite suppressant, which is not normally covered under insurance. The price dropped from $35.99 to $18 and the customer was extremely happy."
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The USAMedical Card is awesome! Covers a typhoid vaccine, that no other card covers. Brought the price down from $60 to $52 and our customers that needed it were very happy."
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I was diagnosed as having lyme disease stage 3 recently. I had gone years without knowing. It has affected my kidneys. I was prescribed an antidiuretic hormone. The cost of this medicine for 1 month from a discount store pharmacy is $112.08. To my surprise, with the card I only paid $42.70 when I picked it up today. I saved $69.38. Wow! I take 12 pills a day due to this disease. That savings will definitely help to cover the costs of other medications. Thank you!"
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T.J., Pharmacy Technician