USA Medical Card Announces Partner Hope For Heroes’ Fundraising Campaign

USA Medical Card helps promote partner Hope For Heroes’ new capital campaign that will help the organization increase its capacity for assisting service men and women who’ve experienced life-altering disabilities while in the line of duty, often resulting in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

USA Medical Card, a leading provider of free pharmacy discount cards, launched a nationwide initiative benefitting Hope For Heroes last year. The nonprofit organization was founded to empower independence for our nation’s disabled military veterans, police, firemen, and EMS professionals. Hope For Heroes has just launched a capital campaign on its official website that will allow it to significantly increase the number of people they service every year. Watch the video to learn more.

Hope for Heroes provides outdoor experiences for disabled service men and women, which not only let them connect to nature but, more importantly, to each other. The trips and outings provide a sense of healing, personal accomplishment and bonding for the heroes, caregivers, family and friends. Most of the time, relationships continue on after these excursions, which further helps them deal with their debilitating injuries, and often PTSD.

“We are so appreciative of our national sponsor USA Medical Card. They not only help fund our programs, they also help build awareness of our organization’s work. Their support means we can help even more disabled service men and women heal and experience great personal accomplishment,” said Mitch Serlin, Founder and President of Hope For Heroes.

A facility is at the center of the nonprofit’s programs. It’s where participants receive assistance and training in order to regain their passion for the outdoors. Hope for Heroes currently has one lodge in Kentucky and have started this capital campaign to build another one in Hudson Valley, New York. Not only will this new location provide a broader array of outdoor activities, it will allow the organization to significantly increase the number of heroes that they service annually.

USA Medical Card Co-Founder and President Jordan Sessler said, “We are proud to be partnered with Hope For Heroes and helping to heal our nation’s heroes. These men and women were severely injured both emotionally and physically while protecting and serving us, and my Company is committed to helping them lead healthy, active lifestyles again. Our pharmacy discount card benefitting Hope For Heroes not only helps improve the health and wellbeing of our cardholders, but also these heroes.”

The card benefitting Hope For Heroes is available at, where you can download a card or request one be mailed or emailed to you. You can also get a card by texting “Heroes” to 95577. This short video explains the advantages of the

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